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In our mittens

Learning that these don’t come easy
It’s not love if you just tease me
It’s not life when you living just to please me
It’s not loyalty if you just appease me

Heard that these are hard to find
It’s not happiness if it been confined
It’s not hope if it doesn’t come from heart and mind
It’s not humbleness because you’re kind


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Contested space…

Contested space…

As you hand touches mine
I’m frozen in time
Every part of me wants to run away
But right there I stay

As your arms wrap around my whole being
I can’t contain the emotions I’m feeling
Every part of me wants to stay
But I run away

As your lips plant a gentle kiss
I experience a feeling I will always miss
I want you to stay
But I know I’ll chase you away

My mind is messed up, did you know
In my heart…

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Sitting in silence
Mind racing over oceans and islands
Becoming one with silence
Thoughts of blue oceans, bright islands

Time keeps slipping through my fingers
The silence lingers
I try to reach you with my fingers
Your presence lingers

The silence grows louder
You carry so much power
I start to scream softly, then louder
Attempts to regain some power

Echoes of helpless screams fill the room

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This is me

Who am I really ?
I could look in the mirror
But all I’d read are tales of misconceived ideas
A masterpiece of concealed fears

So I ask who am I really?
I could ask around for opinions
But all I’d be left with are descriptions of facades
Because I know I’m not one to show all my cards

So I begin to take myself apart
One piece at time and discover each layer that makes up me…

On the surface I find…

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It’s always been you
Even before my mind could think it, my heart knew
You gently settled into my life like the fresh morning dew
But after A.M, P.M is still due

How silly of me to think this beautiful morning could last forever
Never thought about the windy days and stormy weather
You were the tornado and I was the feather
Oh A.M I should have been clever

Most people rise in the morning, but in…

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I love you, that’s for sure
But my heart shattered when you slammed that door
You left me for a little whore
I felt your absence in my core

Now you back and it’s bittersweet
All I want to do is fall at your feet
But you don’t deserve that treat
Do I step forward or retreat

Oh I do love you I can’t deny
But life has passed us by
It’s been a year since our goodbye
It’s been a year since uncovering…

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